Company Profile

Nilkanth Engineers is a full service steel and metal fabrication company with proven capabilities. Nilkanth provides complex and custom fabricated products in a wide array of alloys to industrial clientele. In our 10,000 square feet of fabrication space, we employ the latest technology for in-shop fabrication services in order to deliver the highest levels of quality and efficiency for you, our valued customer.

At Nilkanth Engineers we understand the values of production. Quality and efficiency are the hallmarks of any successful business and at Nilkanth, they’re our first priorities. That’s why customers return time and again to us for their steel fabrication needs.

Our design and drafting teams collaborate with clients to customize their products for greater efficiency. Nilkanth welders are certified on various types of alloys, including stainless and carbon steel, and are among the best in the country. We have a fully equipped department to provide all steps of manufacturing, from design and fabrication to blasting, painting and delivery.

Established in the year 2013, In-depth Knowledge of the discipline, highly creative professionals and capability to convert imagination in to reality is the hallmark of the prominent engineering firm. These factors are the trademark of Nilkanth Engineers. The progressive company is a renowned manufacturer of high quality process equipment, pressure vessels, hydraulic systems, pneumatic systems, flanges… The company’s expertise in delivering unmatched products as per the schedule, has helped the company to earn the reputation of a veteran within a very short span of time. Company manufactures process plants equipments as per customer specific requirement. We are a team oriented steel fabrication company that is in tune with our customer’s needs and dedicated to providing innovative solutions from design, to fabrication and installation.” The impeccable quality of our products helps us to earn a substantial market base in our region.